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It would be easy to view the 1950s with rose-coloured glasses and remember it as a period of innocence and tranquillity.But, of course, like all of our history, it wasn't.He had the foresight to anticipate the future problems that the Western World would suffer from Communism in its many forms.The Cold War created a hostile atmosphere between democracy and communism, which resulted in a series of threats, and counter-threats between the leading protagonists.

After the Second World War there was to be no return to peacetime soldiering.British battalions had to be called out in India to support the police during the anti-British riots and looting that took place over the demands for independence and the transfer of power.We had troops on reserve in the Middle East spread over Egypt, Libya, Cyprus, Somaliland and the Sudan, further garrisons in the Far East and smaller forces in Gibraltar, Malta and the Caribbean.Occupation forces had to be found for Western Germany, Berlin, Austria and the disputed area around Trieste, which was being claimed by both Italy and Yugoslavia.Our servicemen were sent to subdue a communist uprising in Greece.

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