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, which derails the revelry of a Miami bachelorette weekend by similar means, evinces little conviction of any kind.Mostly, it's a flavorless stew of elements from other, not necessarily better, movies that starts dying around the same time as the unintended victim of the girls gone wild.Downs) and his buds are back in Charleston, South Carolina, enjoying a pretentious private wine tasting. But that's where the inspiration in this gender-reversal on comedy norms runs out in the script by director Lucia Aniello and Downs.

"She is delicious," purrs Moore's character, eyeing Blair.

A bump of meth on the way — don't ask — gets him even more wired.

The alarm over potential manslaughter charges, ruined careers and shattered personal lives unleashes a whole lot of frantic but mostly unconvincing plot developments.

Aniello and Downs try to inject a note of poignancy into that character, revealing that when she's not gathering penis-themed bachelorette party accoutrements (at least the weenie linguine yields a plot point, saved for the end credits), she's coping with the sorrow of a mother with Alzheimer's.

But unlike remains untouchable on that front.) The wasted talent here includes Mc Kinnon, who has yet to find a movie vehicle to capitalize on the brilliant comedic gifts and incisive character detailing she brings to her work on .

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