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He further pointed out that he had discussed this matter last year with the Committee and they recommended that he write a vista article during resident to remove such dirt piles or come to the ECIA with a plan to landscape them.He did write such an article for the June Vistas that discussed the new 2017 Guideline requirements but to date we have seen little to no response from redidents in trying to remove or landscape these dirt piles.

Jacob, 20Y’all, words can not describe how much I love this boy.With no issue of compliance these plans were approved with the following stipulations: a. The committee discussed the potential for future new homes to block views and agreed that it would make sense on all future home to change the Architectural Review Process to include the following: • Notification of affected neighbors via mail 14 days in advance of the meeting.• Posting of a yellow notification sign on the lot, before the meeting, to inform neighbors of the upcoming meeting.• A required site visit by the Committee on all new homes to the proposed site to see what impacts there might be on the neighbors.Mark Young will work on a revision to the plan submission requirements for new homes and this will be reviewed at the next meeting. Mark Young pointed out that while the updated 2017 Guidelines require that earth berms are finished and not left as piles of dirt, as is the case on many lots, where the residents, after construction projects simply have left the piles and not properly landscaped them.CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at PM. Mark Young announced that the meeting was being recorded.DESIGNATION OF QUORUM: Attending the meeting were members: Co-Chair Gary Moran, Steve Taratula, Casey Cronin, Larry Ward, Nina Harrison, Jolene Petrowski, Board Liaison, David Mc Donald, Alternate Board Liason, Jody Price, and Staff Representative, Mark Young. RESIDENTS: There were 6 residents attending the meeting and one guest.

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