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" He has a wide variety of hobbies, including surfing, scuba diving, and numismatics (the study of money - in the episode Precious Metal his knowledge of the subject helps the investigation along).

In Precious Metal we also learn Greg likes supermodels and latex.

As of the season 9 episode, 19 Down, Greg has been promoted to CSI level 3 (by Ecklie but the scene was deleted).

From the official CSI: Crime Scene Investigation novels, written by Max Allan Collins, the seventh installation into the novel series- Killing Game, we learn that Greg was a child prodigy. Excerpt from the book, page 114, lines six - 11: " A precocious kid who'd started matriculating a year early, he went from public school, where he regularly blew through tests, to an academy that at least presented him a more significant challenge; then Greg had gone on to Stanford before spending two years as a lab tech at the San Francisco PD.

He has however become somewhat jaded as time has gone on as things affect him less than they used to.

He can deal with seeing bodies and grotesque scenes as if they are nothing, as opposed to the still green Morgan and others.

Greg had not told his parents about moving out of the lab out into the field because he did not want them to needlessly worry about him and his mother was incredibly protective of him when he was a child (he also mentioned in the conversation that his parents still thought he was working in the lab).

He also jumps at a mobster suspected of killing someone he knew and then at Russell when he pulls him aside to tell him to stop, saying that if it were someone he [Russell] cared about, the rule book would be out the window.

He later tells Gil Grissom that he has kept his promotion to CSI a secret from his parents because he didn't want to worry them.

Grissom tells Greg his mother will be proud of him for saving a man's life.

He would wait until the night (or even the morning) before class to do his homework.

This habit had stayed with him, though the lab had nullified that somewhat.

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