Concentration camp sex experiments

and the other women prisoners out of the train and onto a truck. There were tables, chairs, benches, windows, and even curtains. He implemented a rewards scheme in the camps, whereby prisoners' "particular achievements" earned them smaller workloads, extra food or monetary bonuses.

The female overseer informed the new arrivals that they were "now in a prisoners' brothel." They would live well there, the woman said, with good food and drink, and if they did as they were told, nothing would happen to them. Himmler also considered it beneficial to "provide the hard-working prisoners with women in brothels," as he wrote on March 23, 1942, to Oswald Pohl, the SS officer in charge of the concentration camps.

Psychologists want to help survivors heal from their secrets.

Authors have published works to inspire conversation.

At that point there were around 5,500 prisoners in the Mauthausen work camp, hammering out stone in granite quarries for Nazi buildings.

By the end of 1944, over 70,000 forced laborers lived in the entire camp complex.

Saidel is a political scientist, author, and the founder and executive director of the Remember the Women Institute in New York City. These are the images that typically come to mind when we think of the Holocaust.

In the years since, fueled by the oft-heard mantra "Never Again," historians have dedicated their lives to Holocaust studies.

Co-edited by Sonja Hedgepeth and Rochelle Saidel, it is believed to be the first book in English to focus exclusively on this subject.

Time: Stories of mass rape: Sifting through rumor, taboo in Syria Hedgepeth is a professor of foreign languages and literature at Middle Tennessee State University.

The SS had recruited 10 women for Mauthausen, following the government security agency's guidelines for erecting brothels in forced labor camps. Altogether some 200 women shared the fate of the Mauthausen prisoners in the camp brothels.

In particular healthy and good-looking women prisoners between the ages of 17 and 35 caught the eye of SS recruiters.

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