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A debt consolidation refinance may be a great solution that helps improve your finances.However, due to certain risks involved, you should do so only after careful consideration.Would you benefit from consolidating your debts through a home equity loan or a cash-out refinance of your mortgage? It takes all of your current monthly debt payments and compares them to what you'd pay if you rolled them into a mortgage consolidation loan.In addition to showing your monthly payment savings, this calculator can also show you how much faster you'd pay off your debts with a mortgage consolidation loan, as well as your total savings over time.This allows you to pay off those debts more quickly while still paying down your regular mortgage over a longer period of time, without combining the two.The downside of using a mortgage for debt consolidation is that you're putting your home on the line.You need to make sure that you can handle the new payments and that you will be able to pay them for the life of the loan.You need to think carefully about how and why you acquired the debts you consolidated, making sure that you do not run up new debts that will place you under even greater financial strain.

When you pay off your debt with a mortgage refi consolidation, you are turning unsecured debt into secured debt. Before, if you paid your mortgage but were unable to pay all your unsecured debt, you would be subject to late fees and a possible hike in your credit cards’ interest rates.A debt consolidation mortgage loan allows you to get a new mortgage, at a lower interest rate, and also pay off some of your creditors.However, you are not actually paying off your debt.Remember that paying off your credit cards in a consolidation is not to run up your credit card balances again.If you are unsure about whether or not debt consolidation refinancing is the right approach, research other debt consolidation services and options.

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