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In the preparation process, one of the important steps is based on the construction technology of PDMS by a novel mould method.PDMS-based microfluidic chips recently have gained more concerns because they have many advantages for chemical and biological analysis, which includes a low production cost, non-toxicity, reversible deformation and an optically clear surface.Our overall aim of this study is to achieve a simple and fast process for detection of VOCs by a microplasma device with a portable spectrometer.

(2) Irregular dispersion of discharge positions is always observed.Regarding the experimental characterization of microdischarges, optical emission spectroscopy (OES) appears as the most common tool used for detection of VOCs since determination of VOCs is crucially important for the industrial, environmental and human being safety.However, until now there still are several noticeable problems to be addressed in regard to the analytical efficiency and stability of microplasmas.In this situation, analytic results can be easily obtained within 10 min.Although this portable detector cannot compete with the performance of laboratory devices in terms of sensitivity and selectivity, its special performance is acceptable under some circumstances for detection of certain VOC samples.

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