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And sometimes I have a weird thought...would I ever date another banker? Most people know by now, and what's completely shocking is how many positive reactions I've gotten from people. Funky new boots and a red lipstick can really pick you up! I have zero doubts, I'm still healing and sometimes I worry about him, but I don't the miss relationship. I go to my old university and encourage students to apply for job openings. Another night I was checking his location and I discovered he was very close to my house. So many people have been telling me how amazing and peaceful and strong I look and seem and am. It's been some of the least stressful and most peaceful days I've ever had. I had this unexplainable urge to prove to everyone that they were wrong about him. Also he has my personal Mac Book because he wanted to learn to code for i OS on it.

Obviously, its no way to judge but it was very surprising how no one seems surprised that we broke up, almost like it was inevitable and I was the only one who took so long to realize. He settled back into his old group of friends who I found to be very toxic during our university years, which is why I was never interested in connecting with them. I have a chaotic week of work coming up, but that's okay. I sent him a text a few days ago telling him that I agree we should sort out the logistics and to let me know what they are and I'll start working on them. It momentarily frustrated me, but then I figured that it was okay, and didn't matter. It was great bumping into younger students and some people my age looking to change jobs or career paths. It's a couple years old Mac Book and I'm willing to not get it back but I really don't know what to do about the money. Girls this will be a short one until I can get back to each of your comments individually.

He was still at the very beginning of the road, but it was oddly refreshing to talk to him and give him some tips as to how to cope in the banking world. He's just an old friend who I'm very physically comfortable with, this has been the case with him before, during and after H), he just cares about me. He was sitting next to me when I tried to break up with H the first time over the phone when our relationship took a serious nose dive. In the midst of my work inbox, while I was flipping between files. I told him that I assumed H was fine since he was going to work, visiting his family on weekends, going out, and going to therapy (I knew this obviously because of my find my friends stalking). I'll take his opinion on the situation, I'm trying to see if there's a way for someone else to see what H's "pending logistical issues" are, in case he has something else in mind and handle them without me having to interact with H. I hope it can help both banker girlfriends, like myself, and even the bankers themselves to get some perspective on how investment banking can affect your relationship.

Since he started the job he's been talking to me non-stop, constantly venting and taking my advice on how to deal with coworkers. Bankers are always perceived as these crazy wild animals who sleep around and get wasted. A healthy relationship can make a banker more stable. We enjoy cooking together, so we cooked and laughed and just enjoyed each other's company.

I told him it completely consumes you and that you have to be strong to handle it but that I firmly believe that it CAN be good for you. It was reassuring that he actually understood why the hell we broke up. I am literally getting compliments on my complexion from people who I don't know that well. He's partying, drinking, going to therapy, showing up to the office, and visiting his family on weekends. I had a deep discussion with a friend from work who didn't know that H and I had broke up. We have a good relationship and are both in it for the long haul.

Its a good place to learn and build connections and to grow IF you can get out after some time and not get stuck in the endless chase for the next promotion or the next pay raise or the next bonus. He also indicated that he understood fully that we weren't together but rather working on moving on separately. And then he proposed we meet in one month to close pending logistical issues (refer to my post on "pending issues"). He also explicitly asked me to not buy/sell any of the stocks in my account. The day before I got into an argument with H's closest friend who was also a close friend of mine because I asked him how H was. I'm taking care of ME, and his email is just...distracting. I'm going out with a friend tomorrow who I trust and is usually one of my saviors in times of need, especially with H issues. I write about my daily struggles in dating an investment banker, the ups the downs and the sleepless nights.

He's going back to healthy eating and working out (hopefully this time it will stick! It felt really good to have him so close and so involved in my daily routine things.

We used to have a lot of problems when we shared the same space for an extended period of time. I found it very frustrating because he always needed/wanted my help in every single step.

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