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In a worst-case scenario, severely dehydrated individuals can experience kidney failure, shock, seizures and coma, at which point death is possible.

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“When you’re dehydrated, the brain is smaller because there is less cerebrospinal fluid,” Cantu said.

In general, though, a cut can include days of total fasting or severely restricted food intake, refusing all liquids for 12 hours or more, hours-long stints in a sauna or steam room to promote perspiration, Epsom salt baths, protracted cardio workouts that are sometimes performed in a heated room or while wearing sweats or special insulating suits, diuretics and even laxatives or induced vomiting.“The methods are not necessarily healthy,” wrote Dr.

Sherry Wulkan, medical chair for the Association of Boxing Commissions and lead MMA and muay thai ringside physician for the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board (NJSACB), in an emailed response to questions.

On top of that, about a year earlier, he had suffered a full-blown kidney infection. Damage inflicted on the organs by the process of cutting weight.“I think it has definitely had an effect on my body,” Miller said of weight cutting.

“It’s something I don’t feel today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a couple years off my life.”In combat sports like MMA, wrestling and boxing, weight cutting is as common as heavy bags and ankle tape.

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