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Anyways I had always wanted to meet the prime-minister so with the polls showing it more and more likely he won't be re-elected, I wanted to take advantage of this last chance in the event he isn't re-elected.

Hopefully the Liberals will still win, but I know the odds are not very good.

In 2001, when I voted to throw the NDP out, they had messed up the economy so it was the right time for a change in government, but today with the economy doing so well, I don't believe it is the right time for change, even though the Liberals have plenty of faults.

After the speech, I went up to shake hands with the prime-minister.

This is where back in the 90s they had the famous debt clock that was shown every night on the evening news.

In 1999 Paul Martin came to hit the bell to stop the debt clock once the budget had been balanced.

A political blogger from a centre-right perspective.

I live in Toronto although grew up in Vancouver, currently work in the financial sector and I was an active supporter of the BC Liberals provincially, but now support the Ontario PCs.

At least Mike Harris had the courage to tell people in 1995 what programs he was planning to cut.

Adama Małysza w Wiśle Malince – tłumów u Basi nie ma.

Przyszli kierowcy szkolą się po okiem Małgosi Mandryk - doświadczonej i bardzo kobiecej pani instruktorki oraz Grzegorza Stasiaka, który z zawodu jest komikiem.

Is that pushing the boundaries of interpersonal relationship problem solving or great thinking out of the box?

Thought: Does it actually make sense for a manager to FORCE two employees, who hate each other, to have a weekly coffee break together?

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