Rich history dating back

Many old timers will recall when the police station was located on Harrison Avenue at Lafayette Street in Broad Street Park, and when Hamilton's finest tooled around rural Hamilton in black and white squad cars.In 1950, The Hamilton police department consisted of a chief, two captains; one for the detective bureau and one to preside over uniformed officers.Tax Collector: The aspirant for this position had to have a background in clerical training, along with a course in public accounting.The tax collector was elected by the people for a four-year term.I found it quite interesting that machine guns were part of an officer's arsenal.Response time, according to the write-up, was three to five minutes anywhere in the township.It will be an example to those who consider repeating such a crime," a source from the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism told Xinhua."This operation is the result of enhanced vigilance and cooperation in Turkey among different state institutions such as our ministry and different branches of the police to combat illegal antiquities smuggling," he said on condition of anonymity.

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It was unclear how the gang obtained the artifacts, but security sources said the suspects were planning to smuggle them abroad.

Ankara has been fighting for the return of stolen pieces home and abroad.

Over the past decade and a half, an increasing number of antique gold coins have been smuggled to the U. from Turkey, according to an investigation by the specialized news portal Live Science."It is certainly a big victory of a single state against smugglers who take the riches of our country for granted.

Playgrounds were located throughout the area, and students from Hamilton High School were hired each summer to care for the grounds.

Police Department: One of the more intriguing sections of the Hamilton Township brochure deals with the police department.

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