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Less well documented is the idea that scientific research and musical composition share a number of essential stepping stones.One might loosely classify them into four steps: onset, development, refinement and exposition. Scientific collaborators often engage in 'jamming', for example, when they interact to decide on a structured way to answer a question.After the early excitement of a new idea comes the next phase: development.Then, once a nebulous idea has been honed and better defined, it is time for practical implementation.Our involvement with Juiced TV started in 2014 when our 11-year old son Max was diagnosed with cancer.After two emergency brain surgeries and a dual craniotomy, Max underwent 12 months of chemotherapy and during that time he enjoyed watching the Juiced episodes whenever he was in hospital.Mc Cartney's contribution to The Beatles is hard to disentangle from John Lennon's.But both Hawking and Mc Cartney also have long track records of brilliant solo contributions. You know that you have some nice results and that the work has potential, yet it has to be presented and rendered accurately. The song has been written, but still needs recording; computations work, but must be submitted to a journal for review.

Hawking's work with mathematician Roger Penrose led the pair to conclude that the Universe began as a singularity.

One is recognized as one of the most successful composers and recording artists of all time; the other is a world-acclaimed theoretical physicist and a pioneer in uncovering the mysteries of the Universe.

But both infused their respective fields with creativity.

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What do Paul Mc Cartney and Stephen Hawking have in common?

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