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For your convenience, there are two ways to donate: checks or via Pay Pal. Why is there now a softening of the cap to allow doubling of the allowed daily maximum?

The FEIR now says a maximum of 50,000 gallons per day will be allowed under certain conditions.

A staff report from Analytical Environmental Services' representative Ryan Sawyer and the County's contract planner, Sally Zeff of the consulting firm ICF, contained no new data nor mitigations and contained mainly "handwaving" arguments as a substitute. In the meeting, Tim Stearns stated that he negotiated with the County and Crystal Geyser and the City’s questions and issues are ‘taken care of’. the 27th at Posted September 12, 2017 On Friday, September 8th, Siskiyou County released to the public its Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) on the Crystal Geyser bottling plant project.

16, 2017 On December 12th the Board of Supervisors certified a flawed and misguided EIR, despite the known issues of air quality, green house gas emissions, groundwater pollution and aquifer capacity. Eleanor Kennedy, owner of Cold Creek Inn, described observing changes in tourism over the years from hunting and fishing to eco and spiritual tourism and how this project could negatively impact business with its increase in traffic, noise, light and both air and groundwater pollution. It appears that City Manager Bruce Pope was blindsided as well. We await the decision at the Planning Commission hearing, Wed.

Marsha Burch, arguing for the appeal, outlined how the mitigation measures put forth in the EIR were not enforceable as required by CEQA, since the only authority the County claims over the project is the permit for a “caretaker’s residence” which is not event habitable full time because of pollution amounts at the plant site.

Crystal Geyser executives and representatives appeared to be surprised by the delay.

She concluded by establishing how the EIR’s impacts analysis is deficient on numerous issues including air quality and associated health risks, aesthetics, noise, lighting, green house gas emissions and traffic. Our activism has so far resulted in a few good changes in the EIR around nighttime truck traffic and plant noise, but much more needs to be done. Please try to attend the Tuesday meeting if you want to speak on Thursday. Giving Tuesday is a global day of online giving to organizations that are doing the important work of the world. Please give generously on North State Giving Tuesday at: Posted September 26, 2017 On Monday September 25, reversing their previous 5-0 decision objecting to the Final Environmental Impact Report as it stood, the Mt. However, the FEIR still proposes Option 3, to release to the on-site leach field the industrial process and rinse wastewater from production of flavored sparkling water without any pre-treatment other than p H adjustment. Waste water treatment The FEIR eliminates wastewater disposal Option 4, which would have allowed the disposal of on-site treated effluent via irrigation of the surrounding land.This manipulation of noise calculations violates CEQA Guidelines that require responses to public comment be in "good faith." The FEIR did reduce the hours of truck loading operations to be from 7am to 10pm.While this is a much-needed change to the project, it was added with no mention of the DIER’s obviously flawed analysis that predicted no significant nighttime disturbance of residents by truck traffic.

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